The more I hear the Religious Right speak about…anything…the more I think God is kind of a dick.

Let me explain. Ed Brayton over at Free Thought Blogs has drawn attention to some more crazy wingnuttery. But is there any other kind?

Chuck Pierce of the New Apostolic Reformation thinks President Obama caused the Joplin tornado. Do you want to know why? Because Obama said that Israel should go back to its 1967 borders! The video is embedded at the bottom of this post.

I know! Seems like a perfect rational explanation. God is notorious for proportional punishments.

This is totally and completely insulting, not only to rational people everywhere, but to the people of Joplin. The idea that over 150 people died and a quarter of the city  destroyed because Obama gave a speech is totally ridiculous. Plus, if I lived in Joplin, I would be completely offended by the notion that God chose to punish thousands of innocent people on this basis. What is even more insulting is that some jerk store actually said – out loud – that the tornado is punishment sent from Heaven. Puh-leez.

Tornadoes and other natural disasters occur every day all over the world. God – if such a thing exists – has nothing to do with it. But when something horrible happens that causes a lot of damage and gets a lot of media attention, suddenly God is punishing someone for something. (See the Japanese earthquake.) And God just loves to punish liberals and progressives. Who, by the way, are the people who support disaster relief. (See Eric Cantor being a douche.)

Funny how that works.