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If you asked me what Republicans love above all else, I would say the military. If you asked me what they hate more than anything, I would say a tie between gay people and women. If you were to ask me which emotion is stronger, I would have had a hard time choosing, but one the whole, I would have said the love for the military would win.

And I would have been wrong. Case in point: the most recent GOP debate. Video after the jump.

I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now: A gay soldier currently deployed in Iraq asks if any of the Republican candidates would reinstate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And the audience booed. It booed. Santorum’s answer to the question is tired and predictable and nonsensical as I’ve come to expect of him (I mean really, sex has no place in the military? So all soldiers are celibate? *extreme eyeroll*), but forget about that for a second. The audience booed a soldier, who is apparently defending our freedom against the dirty terrorists. Who does that?

The audience for these GOP debates are quickly becoming notoriously boisterous. To his credit, Santorum claims to not have heard the outbursts on stage. Which may be true. And he has since distanced himself from the haters. That’s a good start. But that doesn’t change the fact that certain people in the audience that night felt it was totally OK to disrespect someone who is currently putting his life on the line halfway across the world in this way. It’s not even about whether you agree with it or not. The man who asked the question is a person who respectfully asked a question, and deserves respect in return. Will the people at this debate really be choosing a major party candidate? WTF?